Sebastian Loghin

 RIP – a collection of photographies without you

I’m trying to enjoy my inner peace in a time out of mine. When I do, I feel the need to create. To create feelings. Feelings that I try to pass on to you trough my art prints.

I will let you be the judge of my imagination.

This is my first expo after a few years in which I have seen you, I have listened to you, I have read your history, your religion, your philosophies. I’ve come to know you with your good and bad. I’ve been ignored by you, verbally aggressed or even respected by the same you.

In the end, I’ve reached to the conclusion that this first collection of my photos will be without you. I have chosen 13 of my pictures to print and frame in the way I see them, and you are my guest on the 13th of April 2016, 19.00h at the vernissage.

I am sebastian Loghin or s L

(Free access to the exhibition from April 13th to May 8th)


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