Vernissage EXPOSITION Peinture de Christina Muenzner : “Célébrer la vie !”

6:30 PM

10th October 2018

Vernissage, exhibition, paintings, expo, portraits, sensualité, women

Christina Muenzner enjoys the process of painting just as she enjoys the process of creating her life : being excited to start fresh and trying new things and being aware that challenges are an opportunity for growth. Cherishing the joy of completing a piece and seeing where the process took her. Trying to value each moment of every step of the way.

She was born in 1986 in a small town nestled in the mountains in the east of Germany. Her biggest dream was to travel and live abroad, and her journey brought her to Brussels : a place where she can hear and speak several languages every day, and explore her creativity.

She mainly uses acrylics, watercolor, ink and charcoal, as well as furniture and wall paint. 

She works on canvas and paper and also uses her fingers, hands and arms to spread the paint, scrape it off or mix it directly on the surface. Her influences are manifold, but it always comes down to contrasting elements, light and dark as well as force and gentleness.

Come to visit her exhibition “Célébrer la vie !” at L’Harmonium from October 10th to November 14th.

*** Vernissage le mercredi 10 octobre à partir de 18h30 *** (entrée libre)